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EV Electric Car Charger Installation

The Best EV Electric Car Charger Installation At Your Sydney Home

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With electric-powered vehicles becoming popular in Sydney, having an EV electric car wall connector charger installation at your home is an ideal way to get the best out of your electric vehicle. A home EV charger installation gives you a readily available efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging solution at your home itself.


As licensed and full-service electricians with experience in EV charger installation for almost all models of present-day electrical cars, we are your EV charger installation electrician in any part of Sydney and its suburbs.


We are your one-stop solution for all your electrical power-related works. We are a specially trained and experienced team of electricians to take care of your EV charger installation. When you plan to buy an electric car or other types of electrically operated vehicles, you should have the necessary infra set up to charge your EV at your home.


This offers many advantages as you can power your EV during the night when you are asleep, and the vehicle will be fully charged and ready for action when you are ready to move out in the morning.


We at NZM Electrical services provide all the services necessary for EV charger installation at home for the easy setup and operation of your charging point for your EV. As full-service Electricians, we have the necessary equipment and professionals to handle all the works related to the EV Charger installation. Guidance is available at each step of your installation and operation to help you get the most out of your EV and the residential charging point.

EV Electric Car charger Installation

EV Charger Installation


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Our Wall Connector EV Car Charger Installation Services:


We have completed many single-phase and three-phase home EV charger installations to the complete satisfaction of our customers, with long-standing as a full-service residential electrician. We will be available to you for all your concerns and questions anytime, as we are 24X7 electricians always at your service.


We are offering a full range of services for your home EV charger installation, including:


  • A free inspection of the current rating " Amp Rating " of the switchboard to make sure it can meet the unique energy requirements of the type and specific models of the EV charger. At the time of the EV Charger installation, we help you choose the best location, 


  • Installation of the EV Charger Installation: Once you have entrusted the charger installation to us, we take care of everything and carry out the installation of the charger without any work to you. We arrive at your site with our experienced team of EV charger installation electricians with all the equipment, tools, and accessories and install the charger. With our long experience, we know how to make the installation as per the standards and complete the home EV charger installation as per the latest safety standards. While we work on the charger installation, you can be assured of finishing the installation the way it has to be done.


  • Though your installation is in our safe hands in the unlikely event of any sudden breakdowns or emergencies. We are always there to help you all the 24/7 as we are your any time local electrician for all our customers in and around Sydney city. this service makes the overall EV charger installation cost reasonable and within your budget as there are no hidden costs to upset you at a later time. 


How to select the EV charger installation for your Home?


In the present days, electric vehicles are becoming popular by the day, and hence many companies are offering their range of these chargers in the market. With the ever-growing number of brands offering their Electrical cars and vehicles, more and more people are drawn to electrically operated vehicles.


As a homeowner, you may not be aware of the range of Ev charger equipment available in the market, and you may need professional help to decide on the right type of charger that is good for your purposes. Your home EV charger installation will depend on the number of electric vehicles you have, the type and power of your electrical power supply, and the type of electrical installation you already have.


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If you have just one Electrical vehicle and no chance of having more electric cars shortly, a single EV charger station is enough. A charging system with a universal socket or the one as per the charging setup of the brand and model of your electric vehicle with a tethered chord will be enough.


In case you have more than one vehicle to charge in the EV charger installation, it will be provided with a universal socket system to allow vehicles to be connected with the charger with their charging chords. This installation will be cost-effective as well as offer the best charging service to your electric vehicles. If needed, we can also install portable home EV charger installation as per your needs in Sydney and surrounding areas.


Types of home EV Charger installations are as follows:


The charging installation for residential charging of Electrical vehicles is divided into two levels of charging from Level 1 and Level 2. The levels indicate the speed of charging, and amount of power used to charge the batteries and the type of electrical power used for charging.


The time required to charge a battery comes down drastically as the level of charging goes up. This is due to the faster-charging process with the delivery of more power to the vehicle batteries.


But, there are individual variations with the type of charge, charging speed, etc. There are variations in the Electrical vehicle and the batteries they come with.


Each EV operates on its technical specifications and as such accepts different charging speeds on each level depending on the type of EVSE (electrical vehicle Supply equipment), it comes with. When your EV is connected with your charger, they communicate with each other, and the charger determines the maximum amount of power the EV can accept and adopts its output to match this. This is one of the basic safety features that prevent your Batteries from receiving more power than they can handle.

EV Charger Station

At NZM Electrical Services, we are well experienced and licensed to handle your home wall connector EV charger installations. Here are some of the reasons why we are your best EV charger installation electrician in the city of Sydney and the suburbs.


  • Well trained and insured to handle EV charger installations

  • Know how to fulfil all your charging needs

  • We can provide a suitable charger installation for all brands of Electric vehicles

  • Fast and efficient service

  • Provide continuous, reliable service all 24X7

  • Cover the entire city of Sydney and suburban areas

  • Multiple payment options to suit your convenience


Get ready to be a part of the electric vehicle revolution and call us to get your Electrical Vehicle moving without any power problems.

Contact us on 0405070107  for a no commitment quote for your electric car charger installation.


We will not keep you wondering how much to install an EV charger at home as we know how to give the best pricing for the EV charger installation cost in Sydney.


So call us, and we will be glad to work as your EV charger installation electrician and get your charging station fully operational within the shortest possible time.

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