Gen 3 Tesla Charger Installation

Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 Charger

Gen 3 Tesla wall Connector Charger Installation Anywhere In Sydney

If you are living in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, we at NZM Electrical Services are here to help you have your own Tesla charger installation at your home. You need a well trained and licensed EV charger installation electrician in Sydney to do your installation for best results. You can get the maximum performance from your new Tesla by having a properly installed and perfectly operating Tesla EV charger installation. ​

Gen 3 Tesla Charger Installation

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The Installation Cost of The Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector Charger 

Tesla Gen 3 wall connector installation price can vary depending on many factors.

  1. Your Home Electrical switchboard Current rating.

  2. If your switchboard has an empty space for an extra circuit.

  3. The output power / (Phase + Amps) That you choose.

  4. the location of the wall connector installation and the wire length.

The cost of installing depending on the following power output:

  • 16.5 KW power output is between $900 to $1500

  • 11 KW power output is between $800 to $1400

  • 7.4 KW power output is between $650 to $1200  

  • 3.7 KW power output is between $350 to $600

  • 2.3 KW power outlet can use the standard 10A power outlet.


Gen 3 Tesla Charger installation price

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​For Professional Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector Charger Installation In Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, contact NZM Electrical Services on 0407050107 and get free quote. We will take care of all the installation process in a short time at the best possible price.

After installing too many Wall Connector around Sydney, the option 3 in the table above can gives you an excellent charging speed and can be easily customized to work with any type of power supply at a very reasonable cost.

However, if you would like to connect your car to a higher charging speed Contact us now or send us a picture of your electrical switchboard and Our Tesla EV charger installation electricians can determine and decide on the right type of charger amp rating for your Tesla based on the capacity of your power connection and the current demand of your Tesla car.

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Your Tesla EV charger installation at your home

Tesla offers the best in EV technology, and you should have matching high-tech charging equipment so that you can confidently plug in your Tesla and add power to it safely. By having your Tesla charger installed at your home, you can simply connect your Tesla to the charger when you go to sleep and get your fully charged Tesla ready for action in the morning.

Our team of expert Tesla EV charger installation electricians can take care of every aspect of your charger installation at a minimal cost.