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Light installation

If you need to install a light or chandelier. 


we guarantee you the best price and very professional and safe method of work especially when you have a heavy light we will make sure you have a strong support in the ceiling to carry out all the weight.

Our electrician are clean even on the new paint you have on ceiling. we will make sure not to leave any mark on the ceiling and will give you great result without needing to do patches or touch up after the work.

Do not hesitate call us and we will send you one of our team to give you a free quote.

Light installation


Change your old halogen down light to the latest generation of LED


down light and save over 60% of electrical consumption and get great modern look for your house.


moreover, avoid all the extra hear that halogen globe cause and prevent fire in your house. in the last 10 years more than 20 house cough on fire due to roof insulation covering up a halogen globe. if you have over 10 halogen down light  you would like to replace to halogen light we are to give unbeatable price 

Halogen vs LED
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