Switchboard upgrade

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Switchboard Upgrade

Do you have an old fuse box and need a switchboard upgrade?

The switchboard is the main feed for all your home electrical circuit and appliances. and if you have an old fuse box, it is time to do a switchboard upgrade

Having a ceramic fuse or circuit breaker only is not considered safe anymore. Therefore, you need to consider a switchboard upgrade. in fact, in 2018, the Australian and New Zealand electrical rules have changed, and it is a must to have a
safety switch 
(RCBO) for each circuit for your home

Because a circuit breaker is designed to trip when you have a short circuit or overload, the circuit breaker does not protect you from getting electrocuted. However, a safety switch can protect you and your family from any minor electrical fault. NZM Electrical Services strongly recommend that you go for a switchboard upgrade.

Contact NZM Electrical today to get a competitive quote for the best brand of safety switches, switchboard upgrades, whether you want to do a major upgrade or need to replace all your circuit breaker with safety switches. At NZM Electrical, we are committed to absolute professionalism, and we take great pride in our customers' satisfaction. Don't wait to get your switchboard upgraded — contact us today!

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