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Safety Switch Installation

what is a safety switch?

A safety switch is designed to quickly cut off the power in case of an electrical fault giving protection from a shock, leading to injury or even death. They are good at protecting your home and the electrical system even when you are not in your home. Now it is mandatory to install a safety switches in all new homes.

Importance of Safety Switches

Electrical shocks are a real threat to the inmates of the home, and your electrical system must behave enough safety devices to prevent electrocutions, fire, and other events due to the leakage or improper flow of electricity. A safety switch is always added to the electrical distribution, and it is configured to cut off the power supply in case of a problem in the electrical supply, thereby preventing damage to the life and property of those living in the house.

Why you should install safety switches in all homes

A safety switch guarantees against the damages caused due to electrical malfunctions and offers protection to your home as well as your family members. For added safety, these switches must be installed on all the sub-circuits to which equipment with large loads is connected, like water heaters, AC units, etc.

Safety switches and circuit breakers the differences

The safety switches and circuit breakers are commonly confused, and the difference lies in what each of them is designed to protect. The Circuit breakers are designed to shut off power to the circuit when they detect high current faults, short circuits, or overloads and prevent the damage, and as such, they are installed to protect the circuits and wiring in your home.

On the other hand, the safety switch is specifically designed to protect humans from getting electrocuted. In case of an electrical leak or malfunction, the safety switch will shut off the power within usually less than 0.03 seconds and prevent the bad effects of electrocution in the human body.

These switches can detect when there are imbalances in the live and neutral wire, as can happen when the current is travelling through a human body. For maximum protection, it is necessary to test the safety switches at regular intervals, and in case of abnormality in their functioning, immediately call your electrician and get it tested and, if necessary, get it replaced.

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NZM Electrical Services

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